Tough Financial Questions During A Trump Presidency

Inauguration Edition

The Most Challenging Questions to Ask Your Advisor this Quarter

People are often curious about their investments, but don't know the right questions to ask. At Glassman Wealth, we love to empower our clients. So each quarter we provide the 5 questions we think everyone should be asking their advisor. We've also taken the liberty of answering them for you here.

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How do we plan for our personal taxes during a Trump presidency?

Given a Trump presidency and a Republican congress, how do we plan for personal taxes if tax rates may go lower?


How should we prepare for inflation in a Trump presidency?

With the Trump election and the potential for infrastructure spending, how do we prepare for potential inflation?


Who are the winners and losers in a Trump Presidency?

Who are the winners and losers in a Trump Presidency? In the first few days or the first few weeks, markets reacted sharply.


What changes under Trump are priced into the market already?

One of the greatest questions we're getting asked nowadays is with the stock markets soaring, with interest rates jumping, what's already priced into the market?


What are we doing in client portfolios to prepare?

What are we doing in client portfolios, given this kind of environment?

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