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After three years, Advisors await Dodd-Frank
July 29, 2013
Barry Glassman weighs in on the Dodd-Frank Act and what it will mean to RIA firms.

Advisors on SOTU: Not enough ‘meat and potatoes’
February 13, 2013
“President Obama did not offer any significant proposals to address the deficit, taxes, or entitlement spending,” said Glassman. He went on to say that there was nothing in the speech that would change the way they invest or advise clients.

D.C. attracts intellectual, financial capital
December 2, 2012
Washington is full of high achievers, especially in the government sector. Barry Glassman weighs in on whether the fiscal cliff and sequestration will have an effect on our region and the advisors who work with them.

Wills call for pros, estate attorneys say
June 3, 2012
“Isn’t it worth the cost for professional documents to make sure your wishes are followed upon your passing,” asks Glassman of clients he meets who come in with estate documents that they or their commercial-litigator brother prepared.

Investment News Top Emerging Fee-Only Firm
June 1, 2012 6/1/2012
Glassman Wealth Services names as one of the top emerging fee-only firms nationally

Forget Europe, Japan is the global economy’s elephant in the room
December 13, 2011
Creating an eye-popping infographic, Barry explains why Japan’s immense debt could be the next global crisis.

Who loses if second home mortgages are no longer deductible?
October 25, 2011
Which states could feel the greatest impact? See our state-by-state infographic to find out.

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Think Like a Start Up
Our firm manages over $675 million in assets - yet we still deliberately try to think like a start up, and we think this is the key to the firm's success. Barry Glassman, CFP®


How a Government Shutdown Will Impact Advisors
"Periodic, one-day furloughs are not changing clients’ retirement plans. But those who work for government contractors, or earn commission selling to the government have seen their incomes plummet and their jobs at risk." Barry Glassman, CFP®


Identity-Theft Monitoring Programs Worth a Look
Barry Glassman recommends identity-theft services to clients because ‘everyone from your employer to your gym,’ keeps your personal data on file.


5 Big 529 Plan Pitfalls to Avoid
By Jessica Ness – 9/27/2013
Jessica Ness, CFP® and Director of Financial Planning advices other advisors about how to avoid mistakes when helping their clients with 529 plans.


The doomsday portfolio: How to invest for default
Jessica Ness, CFP® and Director of Financial Planning discusses how to invest in a worst-case scenario.


Behind the Scenes of the Fiduciary Standards Debate
By Barry Glassman - 6/12/13
After his meeting with Congressional leaders, Scott Garret, Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets , Jeb Hensarling, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee; and Senator Mike Crapo, the Senate Banking Committee’s top-ranking Republican and a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, Barry talks about why upholding the current Fiduciary Standard continues to be in the best interest of investors.


Advisers to furloughed workers: Take a deep breath, stay calm
"The big conversation with clients revolves around the basics: 'This is what your rainy-day fund is for,' Ms. Ness said. “It’s what we do – hand-hold during these short-term bumps and jumps, and return their perspective to the long-term view."