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Timely tips to help take stock out of your estate plan

October 30, 2014
Crafting a good estate plan depends on many things. For instance, it can depend on the size and complexity of your assets, or what you want to leave to your heirs or charity….


Trust bust: Steer clear of the 8 biggest estate-planning mistakes

October 22, 2014
Let's be honest: Thinking about the inevitable—death—is not very pleasant. Perhaps that's why so many people fail to plan for the time when their time will be up. Even clients who make the effort to plan their estates often neglect…


Keep control of your money with these 5 important documents

October 6, 2014
Too often, the need for the most basic estate-planning documents is overlooked or misunderstood. While many people would admit they should have a will…


ETF investing gaining traction with advisors and investors

July 23, 2014
The 2014 Trends in Investing Survey showed that 79 percent of advisors now use or recommend ETFs with clients, up from just 40 percent in 2006..


Traveling abroad soon? Do this first.

July 8, 2014
The quality of medical care abroad varies greatly. Travelers should know where to get adequate health care in case of a medical emergency.


6 preretirement foul-ups to avoid

June 27, 2014
The years just before retiring, when you're in your 50s and 60s, are the most critical to having a successful retirement. Typically, these are your peak earning years…


The retiree game plan to counter rising interest rates

June 16, 2014
Many investors, especially retirees, have portfolios that look like barbells with stocks on one end and bonds/cash on the other. Balanced? Perhaps, but there are other strategies that we like to call, “The Stuff in Between”. Barry discusses which strategies investors should consider.


How to Retire with Millions

September 23, 2013
"Most millionaires are able to accumulate their wealth because they didn’t spend it. That’s who our clients are," Barry Glassman told CNBC’s Sharon Epperson.


CNBC Power Lunch

April 19, 2011
Barry discusses why the Fiduciary Standard should be important to investors with Sharon Epperson.


CNBC Squawk Box

Barry talks about the impact of the 2010 Mid-Term elections on the economy and investor finances with Congressman Paul Ryan and Greg Valliere, Chief Political Strategist for the Potomac Research Group. (Provide an icon of the video and have it open in a window on the Media page.


CNBC Power Lunch

4/19/2011. Barry discusses why the Fiduciary Standard should be important to investors with Sharon Epperson.


CNBC Power Lunch

March 15, 2011. Sharon Epperson, CNBC personal finance reporter and award-winning journalist shares Barry’s advice about protecting your retirement during the recent market volatility.


CNBC Squawk Box

December 17, 2010. Barry talks about the silver lining for retirees and conservative investors in rising interest rates.


Maria Bartiromo

Barry Glassman pictured with Maria Bartiromo, CNBC anchor of “The Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo” at the Schwab Impact conference. While there, Barry was also interviewed by CNBC Senior Producer, Lori Ann LaRocco to discuss QE2 and its affect on the housing crisis.


CNBC Power Lunch

Barry discusses the issues with transferring wealth from one generation to the next with Sharon Epperson.