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Why are Emerging Markets Struggling in 2013?


Despite one of the sharpest rallies in US equities in recent memory, emerging market equities have been left curiously behind in 2013.  Through last Friday, the market segment was down 1.0%, compared to an S&P 500 index that was up 10.0%.  This seems to violate the regime that investors have gotten used to over the […]

Do We Need to Fear Inflation?


Every few months, inflation or deflation resurfaces as the featured topic of discussion. There seems to be an even divide of individuals who believe inflation is a foregone conclusion and those who feel deflation may actually be the bigger concern. Both outcomes are relevant in their own right, but there are growing signs that hidden […]

Some Economic Improvement


Consumer data entered the fray last week to mixed results.  Personal income was up 0.3% in May, but concerns about the stagnating recovery resulted in no gains to personal spending.  With income and spending little changed, the personal savings rate also held steady at 5.0%.  The personal savings rate spiked in 2009, but fell after […]

GWS May 2011 Economic Report Now Available


In our Monthly Economic report, we take an in-depth look at the changes in our markets and the effects of economic policy nationally and globally. This broader perspective provides greater clarity in understanding the forces that affect investment performance and future expectations. Click Here for report.      

Glassman Wealth Services Hosts A Morning with David Rubenstein


Barry Glassman moderated this morning’s conversation with David Rubenstein, billionaire, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, and one of the most world’s most successful business leaders. The event was held at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C. for over 475  attendees and Glassman Wealth Services guests. Barry asked David a wide variety of questions ranging from his advice to solve the US debt […]

Let the Central Bank Games Begin


Prior to the global financial crisis, many central banks were a misunderstood relic of the economic system. Since the crisis began, however, central banks became an integral part of the day-to-day functioning of the financial markets, and more broadly the economy. As we move past the financial crisis, central banks are in the unsavory role […]

Budding Inflation Concerns


While it is difficult to argue that inflation is officially a concern for the US, there is no doubt that inflation is heading higher. In each of the past three months, headline inflation – which includes the more volatile energy and food prices – exceeded economists’ expectations, the first time that this has occurred since […]

Prices Rise – Yet No Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security Recipients

Based on all common measures, inflation is entirely nonexistent at this point in time. But if you ask the typical person how they feel, you might wind up with a very different response. On Friday, we learned that the Consumer Price Index ticked up 0.1% in September for a 1.1% gain in the past 12 […]