A Review Of Hedged Equity: Why It Makes Sense Now (Video)

As an investor, this may be one of the toughest environments to assemble a balanced portfolio. You might wonder how this can be, given that the stock and bond markets have done so well. Yet, that’s just the point. While we may be optimistic about the future of the stock market, no one’s total portfolio […]

The Best and Surprising Ways to Give to a Charity


As you do your holiday shopping in the next few weeks, you’ll hear a familiar ringing sound. For many, the Salvation Army’s bell is a reminder to give to others in need, especially during the holidays. For me, the bell’s iconic toll makes me reflect on the impact I have had on the causes I […]

Best Ways to Raise Financially Smart Kids


As the father of two elementary-age boys, raising financially smart kids is a subject near and dear to me. Like many parents, at times it can feel like my wife and I are waging war against the constant barrage of ‘stuff,’ like the latest Xbox, iPhone or athletic shoes that our boys tell us they […]

Best Investing Advice for Millennials: Invest Young and Early

CNBC_Street Signs 11-9-4

In a recent appearance on CNBC’s Street Signs, Barry Glassman told host Brian Sullivan that millennials have a huge advantage over their parents and grandparents when it comes to managing their money. Technology brings money management tools like Mint.com to their mobile devises making it easier to track spending, set goals, maintain a budget and […]

Tax-Smart Ways to Give to a Charity


As the holidays approach, thoughts about giving turn to action for many of us. Before writing a check to your favorite charity, consider the tax advantages of gifting appreciated assets, like stock, instead. The soaring U.S. stock market of the past few years has been great for portfolios; however, taxes will need to be paid […]

Sharing Your Risk: The Best Insurance Plans to Consider Now


My last article, The Best Practices for a Healthy Financial Life: Creating Your Financial Plan, gave you the resources to get started on setting and achieving your financial goals. Whether saving for retirement or buying a new home, those goals can be quickly derailed if life throws you a curve ball. That’s why having the […]

The Best Practices for a Healthy Financial Life – Creating Your Financial Plan


Your training to live a healthy financial life began last week, with the Best Practices for a Healthy Financial Life: Getting Started, and just like starting a new exercise routine, you may be coming to the realization that your budget is more out of shape than you thought. It may be painful, at first, to […]

Barry Glassman and Travis Russell named to Washingtonian’s Top Financial Advisor List

2014 Nov cover cropped

Once every two years, Washingtonian magazine surveys the DC areas’ top financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, insurance specialists, accountants and financial planners and asks them a simple question, “Whom would you trust with your own money?” This year, Barry Glassman, who has been on Washingtonian’s Top Financial Advisor list since its inception, and honored to […]

The Best Practices for a Healthy Financial Life: Getting Started


Much like getting in shape by losing weight or working out more, living a healthy financial life is easier said than done. When it comes to understanding and feeling confident about finances, many can feel overwhelmed. That’s understandable because when you think about all of the things that have a dollar sign that affect you […]