The Best Investment Strategies for Baby Boomers Today

Yield drought cropped

This cartoon that I commissioned back in May of 2010 says it all – boomers and retirees have been in a yield drought for far too long. And it continues to be a challenging investing environment for those getting close to or who are in retirement. Stocks are not cheap, bonds are yielding next to […]

Best Ways to Know if You’re Hiring a Top Financial Advisor

Whether you are looking to change financial advisors or have decided to handover managing your family’s assets to a professional, how you approach the vetting process is crucial to hiring the best financial advisor for you and your family. It makes sense that getting to know the finanical advisors you’re considering often begins with a […]

The 5 Most Important Baby Boomer Retirement Problems

If bigger is better, then the Baby Boomers, some 76 million strong and the largest generation in US history, can consider itself large and in charge. This generation, born from 1946 to 1964, has wielded their influence on just about every aspect of American life and they continue to do so. They have more discretionary […]

The Best Way to Invest in Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Bonds are a familiar asset class to most investors, and, at Glassman Wealth Services, they are part of our clients’ portfolios. While bond funds have done well in the past few years fueled by declining interest rates, those times may be changing. With that shift, one of the questions most frequently asked by our clients […]

The Best 529 College Savings Plans: Reviews and Ratings

In my previous article, What is the Best Way to Calculate College Costs?, I shared 4 steps to help you build a college fund for your child or grandchild. In it, I also touched on the types of college savings plans, called 529 Plans that are available. At our firm, Glassman Wealth Services, our clients […]

Are Financial Advisors Truly Worth the Money?

In my last article, How Much Does a Financial Advisor (Planner) Cost?, I took a look at how financial advisors are compensated, what types of fees they earn, and what hidden fees to look out for. Besides knowing what you can expect to pay for financial advice, here at Glassman Wealth Services we are often […]

Millennials and Money: The 5 Best Ways to Cut Debt and Save More

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that today’s young people have been forced to deal with more than a few hurdles when it comes to building their own financial freedom. It’s even been said that the Gen-Y Millennials – typically defined as those born between 1982 and 2004 – are turning their backs […]

The Best Way to Create a Tax Efficient Portfolio

In our role as financial and investment advisors at Glassman Wealth Services, we are often asked what effect taxes and fees have on a portfolio. This is especially true of new clients who may not have been paying attention to those expenses in their portfolio. The answer is that they can quickly add up. It’s […]