Social Security Strategy to Boost Couples’ Benefits

Older couple

With one out of every four 65-year-olds living past age 90 and one-in-ten living beyond 95, having enough money to live on during a retirement that could last 30 years or more is critical. For many, their Social Security benefit is a significant source of their retirement income, yet most people are not aware of […]

2015: Is it a year to buy or sell?

Barry with Rebecca Cooper WJLA Wash Biz Report 1-11-15

Barry Glassman weighs in on “What’s hot and what’s not in 2015″ on WJLA’s Washington Business Report with Rebecca Cooper. This week’s round table focused on what to look out for on the financial scene in 2015 as reported by ABC7’s Washington Business Report, January 11, 2015. “There are three real big elements, two [of] […]

Top 10 Year-End Tax Savings Tips

The holidays are the perfect time to save money. I’m not talking about Black Friday deals or December super sales. It’s the season to save on your 2014 taxes before we ring in the New Year. Here’s the top 10 ways you can save on your taxes: #10. Offset gains with losses: You may have […]

Christine Damico Joins Glassman Wealth


What does a pioneering financial planning residency, a passion for helping others and leopards have in common? The answer is Christine Damico. Christine is an Associate Client Advisor and the newest member of the Glassman Wealth team. She came to us after completing a four-year financial planning residency program – the first of its kind […]

The Best and Surprising Ways to Give to a Charity


As you do your holiday shopping in the next few weeks, you’ll hear a familiar ringing sound. For many, the Salvation Army’s bell is a reminder to give to others in need, especially during the holidays. For me, the bell’s iconic toll makes me reflect on the impact I have had on the causes I […]

Best Ways to Raise Financially Smart Kids

As the father of two elementary-age boys, raising financially smart kids is a subject near and dear to me. Like many parents, at times it can feel like my wife and I are waging war against the constant barrage of ‘stuff,’ like the latest Xbox, iPhone or athletic shoes that our boys tell us they […]