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U.S. Debt Facts You Need to Know


The following debt facts were published in an article by Jill Schlesinger of CBS Money Watch in February 2012. They are an excellent recap of our nation’s debt from 1791 to now. Read on to find out why you need to know these facts. 1. The U.S. national debt on Jan. 1, 1791, was just $75 million dollars. […]

Boomerang: Solving the Global Financial Puzzle


For those of you who don’t spend your days and nights thinking about the intricacies of the global economy, sorting out what really triggered the onset of the 2008 recession and how that continues to affect us today might be somewhat daunting. You might be wondering how something called a collateralized debt obligation, or CDO, […]

2nd Home Mortgage Deduction – Which States Will Feel the Most Pain


For the majority of Americans who don’t own second homes, why should they care if the second home mortgage deduction is eliminated? With more than 11 million residential mortgages underwater, the loss of the second home mortgage deduction could have ramifications to a housing market still struggling to recover. To illustrate this point, our Second […]

China’s Growing Pains


For most of the past two years, investors have been pre-occupied with the fiscal catastrophe in Europe – and with good reason. However, the relative health of the world’s second largest economy arguably deserves more consideration. A year ago, China’s stock market led the broader emerging markets down due to pervasive inflation concerns. Official figures […]

March Jobs Report Disappoints


Just as with every month, traders focused particular attention on the March employment report, which was released after the markets closed for the week. It was fortunate that markets were closed, because the report introduced new uncertainty into the economic outlook. As a recap, 120,000 jobs were added to payrolls in March and the unemployment […]

GWS March 2012 Economic Report is Now Available


As financial advisors, we look at a broad range of market and economic forces to form our investment decisions. In our monthly economic report, we take a look at the effects these forces have had on markets nationally and globally during the month. This broader perspective helps us to provide more insightful investment and financial […]

First Greece, Now Spain?


At the end of 2011, the Long-Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO) brought a modicum of stability to financial markets in Europe. When coupled with the “orderly” default of Greece, the situation in Europe is seemingly on a road to more pleasant ground. Just as soon as investors place Europe in their periphery, however, problems once again […]