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Chinese Growth Story – Not a New Tale


The global media is enamored with the Chinese growth story, but in reality this should not be an enormous surprise. For much of the past 2000 years, India and China were the dominant economies on the global landscape. Economic superpower status changed abruptly during the industrial revolution, but as The Economist pointed out, “Why they […]

Global Equities Rise as Bond Yields Sink


Over the past several months, bond and equity markets have been on starkly divergent paths.  Investors are growing increasingly concerned that perhaps the bond market knows something that the stock market is overlooking.  In reality, the answer may be simpler than we realize. As of the middle of last week, Citi research discovered that global […]

GWS July 2010 Economic Report


In our Monthly Economic report, we take an in-depth look at the changes in our markets and the effects of economic policy nationally and globally. This broader perspective provides greater clarity in understanding the forces that affect investment performance and future expectations. Click Here for our July report.      

Now Is Not The Time For Higher Taxes


An interesting development has come to the forefront in the past several weeks.  Democrats who were previously in favor of allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire at the end of this year are suddenly swimming in the opposite direction, with several favoring extensions to the tax credit given the poor economic backdrop.  It is […]